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What is Life About?

Life is NOT about winning.

Life is NOT about needing.

Life is NOT about fixing others.

Life is NOT about accumulating things.

Life is NOT about accumulating money.

Life is NOT about avoiding all pain.

Life is NOT about power.

Life is NOT about control.

Life is NOT about laws.

Life IS about growing from needing to loving.

Knowing the love of God up close and personal frees us to grow more loving throughout our lives.

Jesus is NOT JUST the Love of God expressed for humanity and all creation, but the spiritual journey of Jesus also fleshes out the WAY for all of us.

The SABBATH is the time we spend with God: for healing, for spiritual refueling, for learning, for intercession for ourselves and others, for being grateful, for connecting to God through praise, for discerning the stages of Jesus spiritual journey in the Scriptures, for being transformed by the grace of Love. The Sabbath can be anytime and can grow to be most of the time over our life span.

The TEN commandments, were to enable us to live together for the survival of all. They are the MINIMUM.

Jesus is a turning point from survival of the fittest to caring for one another. The BEATITUDES are the next level for that. And that’s a whole different ball game.