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Justice and Love

Justice is not about pay back. Justice is about fairness and caring about all people.  God is not a vindictive God.  But acts have consequences good and bad.  It’s the way we have to learn if we don’t know we have the love/grace of God to guide and strengthen us. Our lives are a school. They are a spiritual journey of learning to love even when it costs. And that includes loving God even in the hard times.  And it even includes being the person in need of others’ care, so they can grow in loving and we can grow in walking humbly with our God.

Written with Love for my Trans Grandchildren

This was written for my trans grandchildren who have rejected current Christianity because of the hate and prejudice.  It’s very hard to find Jesus in many religions today.  I found Jesus when I was rejecting religion.  So, my hope is for those who are having trouble finding Jesus would read this and seek Jesus in conversation with him and reading the New Testament.

Human beings are born different through genes, become more different by their family’s influence as children, are influenced by the culture they are born into. Human beings are unfinished, both humanity as a whole and each of us. We all have blind sides, even the best of us. We all need to know we are loved and that strength, courage, wisdom, and love are available if we are open to them. This is called grace. There’s a good side and a bad side to everything: forms of government, even democracy and even religion. The key thing about Jesus is that he was open to growing and changing in every area of his life. He started out thinking his people had a monopoly on goodness and God. He learned to love the heretics, the outcasts, the Pharisees who made a God of law and took the love out of religion, the conquering Roman soldiers, even eventually those that tortured and killed him. He realized that they were blinded by their fear of what was different. And that power corrupts because human vulnerability gives us a need to control life. He didn’t come this wise or strong. He grew. His mom taught him compassion for others. He learned from watching his best friends struggle with a desire for power and prestige. He wept for his people and over their rejection of him. He lost it in anger with his best friend when he himself was still struggling to accept that he was not going to have power, but would suffer instead. He sweated blood when the time for his suffering had come. But he had a source for wisdom and courage in a God of Love that he spent time seeking over and over for grace to keep on keeping on. Jesus was human in every sense of the word, but over and over he was open to growing in love, because he found the source of Love he could turn to. Jesus became the Love of God expressed for ALL of us. He has been my friend for fifty years and I found him outside of any religion. His life was an example of “Seeking justice, valuing kindness, and walking humbly with his God by being open to learning and growing in both wisdom and love.

As human beings we are all different in many ways and we come as dependent needy babies. Need and love are opposites. Life is a spiritual journey of growing from need to having the capacity to love. We will never be perfect and only God knows the hand we were dealt, so only God can judge us, not even ourselves. God’s love has no small print. It’s unconditional and when we become mature enough to recognize our flaws, it’s that Love fleshed out in the journey of Jesus, that heals and frees us to keep growing in the capacity to love ourselves and other unfinished imperfect human beings.

We need that love up close and personal to become the unique person we were created to be.