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Pandemics and the Possibility of Peace

I have my issues with face book, but it was a great blessing for me during Covid quarantining. I was cut off from everyone except one son, Steve, who worked at home, stayed quarantined, and got tested before every visit to see me. The first year of Covid wasn’t too bad for me, because I looked ahead and went on a low carb diet, exercised with U tube videos for the elderly, and began to write short articles about the humor in aging and some more serious ones about the grace in aging. Then I got them published in two county newspapers. So, I kept busy, got healthier, and had a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

The second year, I kind of ran out of humor about getting old. And getting to be with family and friends in the short break between Covids made the return to quarantine much harder. And for some reason a lot of us older friends even stopped calling one another. I don’t know if we didn’t want to whine to others or we were waiting for each other to call. But the break made me remember my old lively life with family and friends. So, I struggled with overwhelming loneliness. And I had to fight daily not to just watch TV at night and sleep through the days. My connection to the larger world was through my blog and to my church and friends through zoom and face book. Writing helps me hear myself, to get in touch with my own feelings and ideas. The isolation even pushed me into seeking self-awareness. It often wasn’t comfortable, but the goodie was it increased my willingness to try to understand others. Once we begin to recognize our own flip side and accept that God knows and loves us anyway, we can stop clinging to our need for someone we can consider inferior and accept our shared humanity, both the good and the not so good of it.

So, one of the “goodies” for the “baddie” of quarantine was that wrestling with the violence and divisions of our times with prayer and humility opened my eyes to my own contribution to it. And freed me to begin seeking understanding of the people I love who see the volatile issues of our times differently than I do. My twenty years of working with the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator gave me insight into the variety of inborn differences in people. But even more, growing in both understanding and love for a man who was my total opposite in every area of personality helped open my eyes to the potential for good from our seeing things differently. Human beings are born with minds that see and respond to life drastically differently. We did NOT get a vote on that. I have begun to get a strong hint that God created us different for a purpose. We can accept and care about others without understanding them, but to make a connection that generates a deeper grace giving love, takes understanding. And I believe that God can use even Covid to push us into trying to not only understand our differences, but to find a way to use the gifts differing of all of us to make this a better world. I realize that my idealism is both my gift and my weakness. It makes me dream what may be an impossible dream. But it also gives me enough hope to try to help it come about. Because, I have lived long enough to see that the Love of God can accomplish miracles. And they usually happen in response to the hardest challenges.