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Reflection by Katie Rose

I used to believe in my mind;

respected it

credited it with accuracy and trustworthiness.

but only for a while —

until i saw its limitations:

criticism and discouragement,

fears and pessimism rooted in primal survival.

it’s scope such a tiny distorted projection,

oblivious of the infinite and eternal ocean

we all swim in.

I saw with utmost clarity

my mind was not my friend!

Not talking here about intellectual data, even

daily navigation through life;

I am speaking of what makes us who and what we are:

our heart. Self worth, our spirit and soul, our dreams, aspirations and all we love.

Did ego mind ever recognize, honor, work constructively with any of those aspects of being?

just what was this noisy, negative thing in my head


I had read from an enlightened One

that the mind was a good servant, but a terrible (even dangerous) master. the heart was meant to lead, make the important life decisions.

I had placed mind on the throne.

I began to meditate,

seeking to quiet the unruly monkey mind.

on the way, I discovered higher pathways therein:

a secret chamber,

hidden tunnels to a mystical interior land

of Merlin and stars

saints and sacret teachings

wild Wise Women set free to be.

much to explore in this place of beauty, love, and mystery.

Over time,

the rigid structures and sturdy file cabinets of mind

were demolished,

swept clean.

windows were flung open

birdsong and sunlight welcomed in

a refreshing breeze of renewal wafting

through the dark

that had been.

celestial music in one corner

flowers and unicorns in another

arm in arm sweethearts

in drunken bliss,

spiritual education at its finest

unconditional love Grace-filled kiss

mind and I have traveled together thru many challenging days

happily we have reached a place

where we are friends.

most days…