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Gratitude for Our Natural Gifts

Our sermon on Sunday was about gratitude being the key to sharing. That if we are thankful for something, we share it or the fruit of it. If you have an inventive mind that has given you joy and /or success, you can share by both helping other inventive minds and by sharing the actual fruits of your success. If you have a practical mind that gives you both delight and success at making things, baking yummy things, fixing plumbing, cars, etc.. you can both teach/train and/or share the results of your talent. If you have a curious mind that leads you to learn interesting and even helpful information, you can share both your knowledge and your sources. The internet and face book are excellent outlets for sharing.

If you have an imagination that allows you to be open to spiritual possibilities that you cannot explain, so that you experience “miracles” that are rare for many people who limit their responses to logic and physical information, you can also share those. Our talents are gifts from God through genetics. We didn’t earn them. But it is our choice to develop and use them both for ourselves and others. Gifts are meant to be shared, that’s why we have different gifts. And even if we had to work hard and long to use them to bear fruit, the trait of stubbornness/perseverance is also a gift. In fact, it may be the most enabling gift of all. As the mother of five children, who are all very different from one another, I have witnessed how gifts that are recognizable early on, play out in our individual human journeys.

Gratitude is not a gift, it’s a response that motivates us to share. What are your natural gifts, whether you have developed and honed them or not? Are you grateful for them? How have you shared them? Have you found ways to share them with others outside your immediate family and friends? Creative thinking is a gift that you can share in many, many totally different ways. Make a list of gifts/traits that are natural to you? Now, list the ways you have shared them and then make a list of new ways to share them or new people or groups to share them with physically, mentally, artistically, or spiritually.