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I work with a social/educational/recreational group for teens with disabilities.  When first getting this group together at the beginning of the school year, I asked them what they wanted to do as part of our program.  Every single one of them said they wanted to “help other people”.  Here are students with a variety of disabilities and medical needs, and they wanted to help others! They were mature enough to look beyond their own problems to the problems of others.

Various suggestions were tossed about; opening a soup kitchen, visiting with the elderly in nursing homes, working at the local pet shelter, and so forth.  I suggested the easiest thing to do would be something we could do as a group within our program.  They chose making sandwiches for the homeless.

Every other Saturday we meet.  Yesterday we had some social skills activities, some recreation, (does anyone remember the…

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Safe from the Monsters Under the Bed

“Emma.” Nanu exclaimed, “Why are you out of your bed?”

“I’m scared of the monsters hiding under there,” Emma sobbed.

“Oh! I understand,” nodded Nanu, as she held out her arms.

 With Emma snuggled into her lap,  Nanu whispered in her ear,

“I remember when I was a child and used to get scared.”

“What did you do?” Emma asked, whispering back.

“Hiding under the covers was my favorite safe place.”

“But what about the monsters?  Weren’t you afraid?”

“Well, I’d leap into bed from at least two feet away,

right into the safe space, smack-dab in the middle.

Then, I’d yank the covers up over my head,

staying perfectly still, with my eyes shut tight,

my legs close together and my arms at my sides,

so not any part of me would hang over the edge.

Then I felt safe from anything under the bed.

I’d wake up next morning still frozen in place

with my arms a bit cramped from being held close.

But, I’ve always been safe from the monsters at night.

And as you can see, that’s been a long while.

It’s been seventy years, since I was your age.”

Emma studied Nanu’s wrinkles and very white hair,

thought about it a moment, then nodded her head.

Her grandmother’s story had made her feel bold.

“My bed will be my safe place,……at least ‘til I’m old.”

A Crawdad Named Speedy

The suspense is building as Josh and Nanu stand poised, cups ready.

It’s becoming a magical shell game in the clear rock bottomed creek.

“Where are you, crawdad?” calls Josh, as he pokes at a rock with his tennis shoe.

In a blink, the hunt turns into a race, as a crawdad dashes from under the rock.

Splashing ankle deep, Nanu yells, “There he goes! There he goes! Get him, Josh.”

But he disappears as quickly as he came. And Nanu thinks she hears him snicker.

An hour later, soaking wet, Nanu barely croaks, “Look, there he goes again.”

But, finally, Josh has placed his cup just right, as the crawdad slips out of hiding.

“Hooray!” cheers Nanu. “Now that we’ve got our bait, we’re ready to go fishing.”

But, Josh is peering fondly at the crawdad, suggesting that they give it a name.

“Oh noooo!” wails Nanu. “That’s a bad idea.” Too late. Josh is calling him Speedy.

Nanu admits it’s the perfect name and sighing agrees, “Yes, Speedy should be freed.”

As they say good-bye to Speedy, Josh cheerfully suggests that the fish will wait,

until they can buy some anonymous bait. But, Nanu is muttering under her breath,

“Just you watch out next year, Speedy.”