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Breathes There a Woman with Soul so Dead, Who Never to Herself has Said: “That Guy’s Got a Great Set of Buns

I recently was with a group of widows of ages between 65 and 85. Somehow, one honest woman admitted to horrifying her grown daughter by obviously getting a “charge” out of looking at good looking young hunks. This admission led to others admitting they didn’t even have to be young as long as they were mobile and not dribbling. They also admitted to struggling with some shame over this. I speculated that this was caused by the balance of estrogen/testosterone changing for us. (I later actually checked this out with a physician and it turns out it really can be part of this time of our hormonal existence.)

Now, for someone my age (85), practically speaking, any male my age is probably an invitation to caregiving. Most of us have been there, done that, and rather not have a replay. We grew to love our long-time husbands enough that, as hard as it was, it was an act of love and we have no regrets. But that kind of love grows from many years of marriage.                           Another problem is that if men our age are affluent and fortunate enough to have stayed healthy physically and mentally, there are plenty of younger (50-60-year-old) gals waiting in line. 

And even memories of good times with our own dearly departed often bring tears from feelings of loss, so many of us find it safer to fantasize about long gone movie stars.

By now, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the “baddie/goodie” combination I look for in everything. Well, this stage of life has opened my eyes and triggered sympathy and understanding of the challenges many, if not most, men have had to deal with from puberty. And what a crock it is for us women to expect them not to react hormonally not only to the young and well endowed, but even to well preserved middle-aged women running around half naked. Earth to women! Jimmy Carter was honest; lust is hormonal in nature. If you are not offering something with that much appeal, play fair, don’t advertise it. And be honest. Admit that at some level, you know your power.