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The American Tragedy

The tragedy of today’s America is that the middle class is systematically being wiped out by the policies of both political parties.

Neither party is willing to put the goal, of finding a way to fulfill every American’s right to life in a time of exorbitant costs for medical care, before political expediency.  There is no longer the caring, commitment, and creativity needed to seek and find other solutions than leaving it to the government to solve the very real and critical crises of survival for many hardworking, middle-class Americans.

Thus, from necessity, the government will fill the void; its bureaucracy growing ever larger and more inefficient.  And eventually the means will defeat the end of decent, affordable medical care for all Americans.

And the conflict from attempts to prioritize our rights to life and liberty will end with diminishing both.

Instead of regurgitating totally unchristian vituperation and polarizing political propaganda, why don’t we focus on  recognizing the reality and severity of the problem, brainstorming solutions across party lines, and every single one of us praying, not for our personal agenda, but for enough love, commitment, and creativity to live up to our American dream of life, liberty, and justice for all.