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One Thousand Days Without Sex

Got a “like” from a blogger titled “Onethousandsingledays,” so I checked out her site.

Her blog is about her decision to do without sex, kissing, or dating for one thousand days.  (Though going out dancing is allowed.)  She has some pretty interesting reasons for this.

Turns out she started blogging about the same time I did, three months ago. She now has 4,044 followers and has had 90,794 views. I have 32 followers and 1,067 views. Hmmm.

She seems to think things like twitter helped. Somehow I don’t think twitter will help me as much.

At 75 I don’t think many people will care about my next thousand days without sex or for that matter,  my past one thousand days.  However, I might could save her a lot of time.