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A Change in Priorities

A joke about seniors illustrates very clearly how our priorities change as we age. Since I am currently re-evaluating what priorities are still within my skill set, this seemed like a timely re-post. 🙂

A senior citizen, who normally rode the Senior Center Bus on their outings, hadn’t shown up for several months.  Then, one morning he showed up again.

Sam, his co-bus rider and pool playing buddy at the center, after being assured that Jim hadn’t been ill or out of town, asked him why he hadn’t been around lately.

“Well, I’ve met a lady at church and we’re going to get married. I came today to ask you to be my best man.”

“My goodness, sure I will. That’s great news. Tell me about her. Is she good looking?”  Sam asked excitedly.

“Um, well, no, not really,” Jim replied hesitantly.

“Well, at our age that’s not as important as it used to be,” Sam assured him. “I bet she’s a real good cook.”

“Actually, she’s kind of a Kraft macaroni and cheese cook,” Jim said, shrugging.

“Oooh boy. You lucky son of a gun! I bet she must be hot to trot then. A between the sheets kinda gal?” Sam laughed, slapping his friend on the back.

Blushing and looking down at the floor, Jim mumbled, “She doesn’t seem very interested in sex.”

“Well, why in the world are you marrying her?” Sam exclaimed.

Jim looked up smiling, “She can drive.”