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God is in the Reality of the Present Moment

I’m studying the book of Ecclesiastes in a Scripture Class at my church. We are using a book by my favorite Rabbi, Rami Shapiro. He boils Ecclesiastes down to accepting the reality of the present moment without judging it as good/bad, happy/sad, bright/dark. There’s none of this gritting of teeth and bearing things in hope for a reward of heaven or a star in our crown. It’s about accepting everything in this moment: myself, others, pain, joy, beauty, ugliness and by accepting the now…whole, we experience the grace, the transcendent in it.
God is in the reality of the present moment. It is all we actually have. But it is everything.

Follow Your Own Weirdness

The title quote is from Ray Waddle, a writer.

Poets are prophets. They can speak things they don’t know yet.  From  a talk by Shelley Warren.

Altered states are easy, altered traits are difficult. From Rabbi Rami Shapiro.

And to keep a perspective…. two passed on by my son Steve:

Shhhh!  is the sound of no one caring what you think.


No matter how great your sorrow or how great your pain, one billion, three hundred million Chinese don’t give a _______.

And a memory of a moment of truth from my youngest son, Tommy.  When he wasn’t quite three yet, I tried to get him to speak  for a tape recording to send to my mother, who lived in another state.  He stared silently at the recorder, so I  encouraged him to say who he was.  He not only remained mute, he became obviously upset.  Finally he burst out in an anguished voice, “I’m somebody!  I’m somebody!”

A universal cry, I believe.