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God’s Spiritually Challenged

I write often about Christianity being a journey, a process of growing wiser and more loving. Lest, I sound like I think I’ve mastered this, I need to share one of my more recent challenges in my seventies.

Until my sixties, I was a compulsive people pleaser, a gracious Southern phoney, who almost never confronted anyone. At some point, in my last few years, for better or worse, I have become free to be real.  Maybe it’s a stage of life or a change in hormones. Whatever it is, I have become much less tolerant of rude and dangerous drivers.

Recently, in a burst of anger, I tried to make an obscene gesture at a particularly obnoxious driver. Unfortunately, due to lack of experience and an increasingly erratic short term memory, I gave him a “thumbs up” instead.

Frustrated by this, I decided that the next time I would yell obscenities out my car window.

But the following Sunday, the theme of the sermon was, If we are not growing kinder as we age, something is wrong with our Christianity.


I really struggled with this and when the next road test came, I did manage to compromise.   I yelled, “Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.”

Some of us grow more slowly than others. Feel free to pray for me. I may be old, but God isn’t finished with me yet.