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Grow, Lord Jesus, Grow

Had an interesting dream last night. I discovered that I had a new baby. At seventy-five this would not necessarily be good news. But this baby was simply awesome. He could talk and had eyes that sparkled with intelligence and love. All he seemed to need was some food, so the baby and I set off to find food for him.

When I remembered the dream today, I thought maybe the baby represented a new part of me that needed nourishing.  I couldn’t figure out what in me needed nourishing, until I was looking at my Nativity Scene, debating whether to put it away.  The figure of the baby Jesus resembled the infant in my dream.

I love Advent when I spend each day praying, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come” and watching for glimpses of God’s love and grace in each day.  This hope and expectation suit my personality perfectly. And I am seldom disappointed. But, somehow once the joyous symbols of Christmas are put away, I often lose my focus, and allow the cold grey days of January and February to dampen my spirit and dim my vision and ability to see God in each day.

There is a difference between waiting expectantly for new life and taking responsibility for nurturing it once it comes.  With the infant Jesus this is easier, because He can tell us how.

As I looked at the tiny figure in the manger, I felt a renewed sense of responsibility for nourishing Him within me. So, my prayer for after Christmas, is “Grow, Lord Jesus, grow within me. Help me find nourishment for You.”