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A Crawdad Named Speedy

The suspense is building as Josh and Nanu stand poised, cups ready.

It’s becoming a magical shell game in the clear rock bottomed creek.

“Where are you, crawdad?” calls Josh, as he pokes at a rock with his tennis shoe.

In a blink, the hunt turns into a race, as a crawdad dashes from under the rock.

Splashing ankle deep, Nanu yells, “There he goes! There he goes! Get him, Josh.”

But he disappears as quickly as he came. And Nanu thinks she hears him snicker.

An hour later, soaking wet, Nanu barely croaks, “Look, there he goes again.”

But, finally, Josh has placed his cup just right, as the crawdad slips out of hiding.

“Hooray!” cheers Nanu. “Now that we’ve got our bait, we’re ready to go fishing.”

But, Josh is peering fondly at the crawdad, suggesting that they give it a name.

“Oh noooo!” wails Nanu. “That’s a bad idea.” Too late. Josh is calling him Speedy.

Nanu admits it’s the perfect name and sighing agrees, “Yes, Speedy should be freed.”

As they say good-bye to Speedy, Josh cheerfully suggests that the fish will wait,

until they can buy some anonymous bait. But, Nanu is muttering under her breath,

“Just you watch out next year, Speedy.”