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Smart or Intelligent? Moral or Ethical? Religious or Spiritual?

Being smart and being intelligent are different in practice. Being smart is more about the present moment and the practical, being intelligent is about learning from the past, so humanity can live both free and humanely in the future.

Morals and ethics are different also. Morals are about not doing evil, while ethics are about not achieving reasonable goals evilly. Morals are immediate and personal. Ethics are long term and social.

Ethics question whether an end, particularly the goal of our personal happiness,  justifies means that hurt people and that set precedents for corrupting society.

In trying to pass down values for a changing world, I want to challenge my descendants:

1. Morals: Don’t do it if you don’t want those you care about to read it on the front page or see it on U-tube.

2. Ethics:  Don’t do it if everyone else also doing it will make the world less humane and not a place you would want your grandchildren or loved ones to have to survive.

Obviously we need both smart people and intelligent people.  We also need moral people and ethical people.

Unfortunately, the smart and the intelligent, like the moral and the ethical, often end up politically opposed to one another. Neither realizing that  issues aren’t either /or.  Instead, what is needed is serious dialogue in order to find a balance in the tension of opposites.

But that kind of openness requires spirituality, not religion.  And spirituality is very expensive personally. Spirituality is on a whole other level than morality or ethics or religion.  It’s about becoming and being, not doing or achieving.

It’s described in Matthew 5: 3-11       I am paraphrasing:

Graced are the poor in spirit for they can be open to God. (When not filled with self importance, we have room for God within.)

Graced are those that accept the pain of loss for they will find the Comforter within. (Sorrow, not escape, leads to the Spirit.)

Graced are those who do not need to own or have power over anything for the joy of everything is theirs. (Then we are free to window shop the world, enjoying its beauty and other people’s joy.)

Graced are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for Jesus will come and abide in them.( When we recognize our own unworthiness,  we can accept Jesus as our righteousness)

Graced are those who recognize the log in their own eye, for they will know how unconditionally God loves them.( And then we can love the unloveable.)

Graced are those focused on God, for then we see Him everywhere.

Graced are the peacemakers because no cause, nation, or person owns them,  then we belong only to God.

Graced are those persecuted for Jesus’ sake, for we know Jesus.

Graced are the falsely accused and rejected, for then we are free to please only God.

Spirituality is foreign to us, because it is paradoxical and few of us have had any training in grasping paradox.

We’re faced with having to lose to win and having to die to live.  And that takes grace more than smarts or intelligence,

and it takes grace more even than morals or ethics.   And opening to grace takes admitting we need it.  That’s the leap of faith that jump starts our spiritual journey.

God of the Universe, we are yours, take us and give us the grace to become the people you created us to be. We cannot do it on our own.  Give us the righteousness of Jesus, so we will know the depth and breadth of your love, and fill us with Your Spirit to guide us on our journey back home to you. Amen

The Challenge to Change

Quotes from the Blog: Make Believe Boutique: – Making Sense of the Root of Change

I have written about several of my experiences of oneness with the world and everything and everyone in it.  But while I have never forgotten those, I have failed to integrate them well enough to overcome many of the inevitable tests that followed.
The post, Making Sense of the Root of Change, had several quotes that really spoke to this problem.

Our challenge is to reinforce transformative experiences so they will take hold; to keep listening for what calls you to stay with the process. Marilyn Mandala Schlitz (Paraphrased)

The challenge is to bring enlightenment into the context of a world view, not just an inner experience; to develop moral, ethical, and philosophical precepts from it, and to act on them. Andrew Cohen (Paraphrased)

Part of awakening is being able to take in and value other viewpoints and to turn that into making the world a saner, more peaceful place. Sue Miller

Love is the willingness to create the space in which something is allowed to change. Harry Palmer (My take: this applies to both in ourselves and in others)
In the next few weeks, I hope to flesh out these quotes with stories of concrete situations that have challenged me along my journey.