The most infallible sign of the presence of God is joy.  Joy is not pleasure or excitement or even happiness. True joy fills us so full that somehow we must let it overflow or we feel that we would burst.

Sorrow stretches our capacity for joy. True sorrow is not sadness or discouragement or even depression. It is heartbreak.

We expend much energy avoiding heart break by choosing sadness or depression and we settle for pleasure or excitement in place of costly joy.

Joy comes from the deepest part of us where God resides. The path there is through fearful darkness, but once you have found it, perfect Love casts out fear and you know it’s safe to return

About Eileen

Mother of five, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of four. 1955 -1959 Rice University in Houston, TX. Taught primary grades; Was Associate Post Director of Religious Education at Ft. Campbell, KY; Consultant on the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, Was married for 60 years to an Architect in Middle Tennessee.

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  1. “Sorrow stretches our capacity for joy.”

    Accepting the truth of this is always a struggle for me, but life convinces me over and over that it really is true.

  2. Interesting, “True sorrow is not sadness or discouragement or even depression. It is heartbreak.” Hmmmm. I think that anything that saps my desire for life is sorrow.

    I am grateful that joy lost can be found.

    Profound thoughts Eileen.

    • Over the years in my experience there has been a difference in both the kind of pain and the almost immediate freedom sorrow brings.

      It’s something to do with facing the reality of our deepest fears and surviving, so we no longer have to be afraid. Once you’ve done this, you know you can and that grace, healing, forgiveness, whatever’s needed will come from it.

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