small potatoes

Love this one from Sirena Tales

Sirena Tales

I am a mere


in a bucket

a teeny tiny

minnow in a grand ocean,

I am a blip

a hiccup

in a rippling eternity

yes, I am very small


this limited and flawed

(sometime fraud)


ephemeral, forgettable

sometimes a dud, and also

a paradox

because like you

I am potential

pulsing transition

a limited edition

ineffable, not replicable

embodied possibility

and with acrobatic hearts

we can cartwheel kindness

spangle dreams

cascade grace

across a rippling eternity

changed forever

by our echoing trace

(how ’bout them French fries?)


*Special thanks to Tabby Ren Elle for our conversation about “small potatoes” in a recent comment, providing the bass line from which to riff this poem.

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About Eileen

Mother of five, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of five. 1955 -1959 Rice University in Houston, TX. Taught primary grades; Was Associate Post Director of Religious Education at Ft. Campbell, KY; Consultant on the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, Was married for 60 years to an Architect in Middle Tennessee.

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  1. Thank you so much for this honor, Eileen. Hope things are going well for you and yours….


    • A bit chaotic here. Had knee surgery last Wed. My youngest son, Tommy, the father of four, discovered Monday that he needs a pace-maker, and tomorrow (Wed.)my husband Julian has a lung biopsy to check out a suspicious “spot.” Any prayers or caring thoughts sent our way are greatly appreciated.

      always enjoy your posts, though I get behind on reading them when things get hectic here. Blessings….


      • Oh dear, Eileen, sorry for your troubles. I sent you all my positive thoughts and prayers doing my “healing dance” overlooking the marsh at dawn–hope you receive them. More coming soon. xo


        • Sirena, That is so wonderful. I kind of did my knee in walking so much for two days in the hospital, or I would dance in oneness
          with you. But I shall dance in my heart. Julian’s lung collapsed from the biopsy, but we stayed over night at the hospital with a pump/tube thing in his lung and it is now back to normal for him. We won’t hear from the biopsy for several days, but I know the prayers are helping
          because I have been calm through all of this, which is not usual for me. I am going to keep the knee elevated with an ice pack for a couple of days before returning for my post op appointment. I will be thinking of you and all the wonderful people who are dancing, praying, playing music, etc. for us. This experience of that kind of oneness with people I have never met is such a blessing. Thank you so much.


          • Elevated knee with an ice pack–sounds like a great idea, Eileen–hope it is helping and that you are receiving much TLC. I’ve been thinking of you as I do my healing dance several times a day…psyched to hear that it may be helping. Hang in there, my friend! xo


  2. davidrichardsonhubbell

    Hello, I am new to your blog and had left this message previously on Chloe’s blog to you, and she said it might be better to come directly to your blog to make sure the comments get through.

    Here was my original message to you on Chloe’s site where she was spotting the deers in her backyard. (cut and pasted)

    Hello Eileen, I do not know you, but Tabby is having me look up the totem animals of Arizona (for lung and heart healing. ) I have found Cranes that migrate there, and we (the collective artists and poets) all agree cranes are healing energetically (as shown when the Japanese fold 1000 origami cranes for wellness.) But, do you have an animal you would prefer to be painted? Chloe’s deer and poem reminds me of the antelope that came forward when researching Arizona species.

    The Barometer Frog Poet Society wants to “surprise” you with a post but it’s helpful to the energy work if you input. It adds strength and intention. We all worked on grasshopper energy with and for and inspired by Chloe.

    As Tabby would say, no pressure or obligation to do this on your part. But we are meditating on your family-healing, as I know our dancer-poetess muse, Chloe is also. The post is coming soon!

    Peace and wellness to you and your family. My Giants baseball team is playing our last game now in your neck of the woods… and no matter what the outcome, good game! 🙂

    So now her is my Morning report:
    The Giants lost so good game on your Diamondbacks! They won that one for you!


  3. davidrichardsonhubbell

    Oh and if you do end up wanting to select a personal totem animal or animals for your family you identify with more than my thought about the cranes, I think the strength of that would lend better energy to you in terms of how the meditation healing art works. It’s just a way to focus on or add to the positive energy.


    • I do love cranes. But we had a blue heron that stood sentinel alone on the lake we lived on before moving here last year. They mate for life; do the cranes? I liked the stillness of the heron and its perseverance standing alone and the contrast between its graceful, almost prayerful stance and its awkward movement in flight. It reminds me of my husband. He’s has a very solitary silent strength. `
      Blue Heron
      Almost hidden, he stands his lonely watch
      in the eddy’s gentle kissing of the shore.
      His silent one legged stance gives
      a slender elegance to his silhouette.
      Then, almost Pterodactyl on enormous wings,
      flies awkwardly, bereft of grace,
      until he settles once again to wait
      with longing for his only mate.

      Either crane or heron would be lovely.
      I am very touched by the caring I am discovering among bloggers. Thank you for your concern and meditations for us.


      • davidrichardsonhubbell

        Blue heron it shall be. Your response was beautifully written and will help me when I paint this weekend with intention. I see the pterodactyl in the heron too… Thank you so much for allowing me to connect with you this way.


        • Thank you. Asking blessings for you also.


          • davidrichardsonhubbell

            I apologize for saying Arizona, when I just noted your bio said you’re in Tennessee! It dawned on me after working on the blue heron post, that I’d been confusing your location and you put up with my baseball references just the same. You were so kind about it all. hope you are doing well.
            Peace to you,


          • Hi, I thought there was some confusion, but figured it would work itself out! I was born in New Orleans,Louisiana; lived in St. Louis, Missouri; Jackson, Mississippi; Houston, Texas; Arlington, Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee and the last 44 years in a small rural community near Nashville. So, I’m not really partial to one place. There are great memories for me in all those places.

            I love your art work. That is so meaningful to me. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and caring for us.

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          • davidrichardsonhubbell

            My goodness Eileen! You’ve lived a lot of places. I am Stockton, California born and now live in Oregon.

            Thank you for your compliment to my art. It was very special meditating on you and family and your poetic words about the heron.


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