Life is a School

Life is a school where tests are not about passing or failing, but are a learning tool instead. Loneliness is a universal experience meant to fuel a lifelong quest for God. And the vulnerabilities of those we love open us to prayer. Then the joy of loving leads us from just crying “Help!” to celebrations of “Thanks” and “Praise.” Lack of money challenges us to learn to live by God’s priorities. Loss of health brings us to depend on Him. The old are freed from caring what others think; they see that only God’s opinion matters. And recess comes when once we admit we’ve passed our peak, we’re free to just be comic relief.

About Eileen

Mother of five, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of five. 1955 -1959 Rice University in Houston, TX. Taught primary grades; Was Associate Post Director of Religious Education at Ft. Campbell, KY; Consultant on the Myers/Briggs Type Indicator, Was married for 60 years to an Architect in Middle Tennessee.

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  1. Yes, life is a classroom, where we learn, but what do we learn. We are provided opportunities each day to learn through experience, but we have to pay attention in order to do so. And through these experiences, we can gain wisdom; wisdom we can use at other times, simply by pulling it up.
    Those we live with, and all others we have contact with are not here in our lives by accident. There is order and harmony, whether we see it or not. When there are things in life we must learn, what better way than having a situation arise with someone or something that you can be tested to see how you will respond. And the next thing you know, the situation you are to be tested in… appears. These kinds of enactments will continue to present themselves to you on a regular basis, always at a time and in a way you will not expect. When we understand our brother is not our enemy, we will welcome the gift of his presence which shows us whats in our heart; yes he is our teacher. * smiles*
    When we’re not aware of this happening, we tend to get caught up in the drama and continue to think within a very small box, which adds to an already unpeaceful heart. But when we see the situation clearly, aware of our thoughts, words and deeds, we are learning through caring.
    By being aware, caring in all situations, we remain on the path to real peace. And as we notice life’s lessons presenting themselves to us, seeing them as a gift, we’ll receive something different, for we gave something different.


  2. I left a response for you on your piece titled: I Do Believe… Help Thou My Unbelief. I appreciate your kind words. Be well. * smiles*


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