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Child of Our Times

“I believe that parents should be authoritative, but not authoritarian. That children should be treated as individuals with minds of their own, but it is understood that those minds are still developing and may not be ready to handle important behavioral decisions. Why it’s important to follow rules should be explained, but when those rules are broken, clear consequences must follow.”

Reblogged from Field Notes from   –   a very articulate, intelligent, reasonable teacher/parent  with a sense of humor writing on today’s literal lawlessness in homes and thus, in classrooms. Very worth reading. The photo alone is worth more than a thousand words.

Personally, I can’t help but think that Dr. Spock, himself, is somewhere shaking his head and saying, “People, use a little common sense!””

Connected with this through Doctor Dad’s blog:


“What is traveling? Changing your place? By no means! Traveling is changing your opinions and your prejudices.” Anatole France (1844-1924)

Hmmm…… What opinions have I changed? What prejudices? Hmmmm……that’s very expensive travel.

Mystery Bug

I crawl along
in silent cadence.
My many tiny feet,
though barely seen,
march in perfect
My scary pincers
protrude ahead,
much larger by far
than all my tiny feet.
And though I’m deemed
completely harmless,
I get the final word.
I leave a putrid smell,
if you try to squish me.

A Very Special Lady

Bobbie’s eyes sparkled above her mischievous grin as she rolled up to me, holding out her leg.
“Here, carry this darn thing , will you? It’s been killing me all morning.”
Open mouthed, but speechless, I took her prosthetic leg. We were coming out of the restroom into the main lobby of the Renaissance Center, where people were coming and going to plays and art exhibits and classes.
Bobbie propelled her wheel chair expertly toward the door, smiling at everyone as she stopped to embrace friends with her usual joyful warmth.
I followed behind her, joining in her amazing humorous acceptance of all that life had dealt her, by carrying her leg over my shoulder, like a rifle.
When we reached the car, she swung herself up into the driver’s seat, as I stowed all her transportation aids in the trunk.
“Boy,” she said. “Isn’t it great that I still have my right leg, so I can drive. Let’s celebrate with a cappuccino. My treat.”

Save Trees: Send Back Advertisements that Come with Bills

Shell Oil, among others, encourages us to save trees by paying on-line. Paradoxically, they include a lot of totally irrelevant, unsolicited, paper advertisements in with their paper invoices. I now send the advertisements back with my payment and a note suggesting they recycle these.